What our customers say about us...

I have been working with NBDS, National Business Data Systems, for years using the Mars, inventory replenishment planning and the Venus, forecasting tool, to achieve lower days on hand and optimal fill rates. Working with Michael Jenkins and his team has been great as they are always finding new and creative ways to accommodate changes to our business. The personal attention our company has been given and the ability to mold the product for our different markets has been instrumental in achieving a desirable level of inventory. Seasonal changes can be programmed too to take the guess work out of predicting needs. Using these tools maintains inventory levels avoiding backorders from out of stocks and keeps inventory manageable.
- Anne Pyle, Republic National Distributing Company

Mars is a multi-faceted tool that allows the product managers at Almo Corporation to effectively and efficiently manage their daily workload. Having multiple brands that need to be stocked in nine warehouse locations, it can be challenging to sort SKUs based on vendor loading guidelines and prioritize an ordering schedule. The Buyer’s Desktop software offers an interactive solution whereby buyers can lay out a full weekly or monthly schedule, ensuring that all vendors are given appropriate priority. Mars also allows us to see historic sales patterns by model quickly, without having to sort through multiple spreadsheets or use a second tool to track sales. The historic sales data works hand in hand with the seasonal indices, which prepare ramp up and ramp down of inventory based on seasonal changes, taking one more worry and calculation off of the plates of our busy buyers. Overall, we are very pleased with the solutions that Mars has offered us as a one-stop solution for all of our product management needs.
- Rick Wigen, Almo Corporation

We have used Mars purchasing software for over 25 years in a multi-warehouse environment. Mars is a user friendly program that has allowed us to manage over 100 vendors and 50,000 items in just a few hours per week. We have successfully grown our business tenfold while keeping our inventory at a manageable level. We would highly recommend Mars purchasing software.
- Shannan Weston, Vice-President, Sunrise National Distributors, Inc.

We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary using the Mars product as our inventory replenishment software. Prior to using Mars, we suffered from high inventory valuation and poor service levels. Today, our service levels far exceed industry standards and our inventory levels provide a great ROI. We find the Mars software to be intuitive and very easy to use. I highly recommend this product to any user that wants to improve service levels and cash flow.
- Rick A. Look, Executive Vice President, Waugh Foods, Inc.

Our inventory investment decreased by about 25% and our inventory turns have increased to about 24 turns per year. I can honestly say our investment has been returned many times.
- Timothy Koerner, John E Koerner & Co.

We have used Mars for over 10 years now and it is without a doubt a great software program.The number of different reports that it provides can give the active manager the information needed to maintain optimal inventory levels andto also minimize the cost of purchasing
- Coby M Kohn, CPA, CFO & Director of Operations, Badger West