Completed Requisitions

The completed requisitions page allows the user to select a previously completed requisition and create a report for that requisition, reload the items from that requisition into a new requisition, or delete the requisition from the history. The page will initially display all of the requisitions created by the logged in user.
Users may select a single requisition and click the Report button. The system will generate a report that is formatted like a standard purchase order.
Users may select a single requisition and click the Order button. The user will then be taken to the Order page. The order will be populated with the same items in the same quantities that were on the original requisition. Item information (cost, weight, forecasts, etc) will be updated to reflect the items current status.
Users may select multiple requisitions and click the Delete button. After being asked to confirm the action, the selected requisitoins will be permanently deleted from the history. This action cannot be undone.