Scale Order

On the main order page, you will see a button labeled Scale Order. This button takes the place of Deselect Rows which has been moved to the grid menu.
When you click the Scale Order button, you will prompted for a scale order percentage. Supply a percentage and click Apply. The percentage should reflect the impact you think the current crisis will have on demand for the items in the order. When you apply the scale, the order will be recalculated with a temporarily modified history.
For example, if a scale percentage of -20 (negative twenty) was entered, the order would be recalculated as if the sales history for each item was 20% less for each month. After the demand has been scaled back, all forecast and planning calculations are carried out as normal. Any palletizing or minimum calculations are performed based on the newly calculated order targets. This can have a significant impact on the overall order as you can see in the second screenshot. 
The actual sales history will not be changed on the display because the actual history did not change. But the forecast calculations and the related numbers in the order quantity will reflect the temporary change in the sales history. Forecast numbers displayed will reflect the change for the order. This change will not affect the normal Mars update calculations. They are only applied to the current order.
At this time, the scale function will affect the entire order.