Mars Inventory Workstation

Achieve a higher level of profit by reducing overall inventory levels and carrying costs through a scientific optimization of the cadence and quantity of inventory ordered.

Mars Buyer's Desktop

Get instant access to the most important information you need. Review and share your vendor schedule to optimize sales and marketing feedback.

Venus Marketing Forecast

Enable Sales and Marketing to provide realtime feedback to purchasing on planned campaigns and sales plays.

A proven, easy to use solution for handling inventory replenishment.

Build optimum purchase orders quickly and intelligently.

MARS Inventory Workstation

Order the right items, in the right quantity, at the right time. Mars Workstaion brings Buyers the tools they need to optimze the ordering process. Forecast thousands of SKUs from all of your vendors while using lead time and order frequency to your advantage.

MARS Buyer's Desktop

Combines replenishment scheduling function and a Buyer specific front end to MARSIW. The MARS Buyers DeskTop provides a calendar of scheduled vendors and events, a list of the vendors scheduled for review today, and the option to execute the scheduled tasks.

VENUS Marketing Forecast

Provide specific feedback from Marketing to Purchasing to leverage insight into current market conditions that may have a future impact on demand.

About NBDS

Founded in 1972, National Business Data Systems strives to help its customers achieve a higher level of profit by reducing overall inventory and carrying costs through a scientific optimization process in the cadence and quantity of inventory ordered.
​​ By capitalizing on both the history and recent trends in stock movement we are able to help our customers achieve cost reductions while maintaining or increasing the fill level on all inventory, and reducing or eliminating inventory on slow moving items.
​ The original software platform was built in consultation with Charles Bodenstab author of "A New Era in Inventory Management," and has evolved over the years to the platform it is today in through ongoing efforts with our customers and partners.

What our customers say about us...

Our inventory investment decreased by about 25% and our inventory turns have increased to about 24 turns per year. I can honestly say our investment has been returned many times.
- A large bakery, specialty food, and restaurant supply distributor

We have used MARS for over 10 years now and it is without a doubt a great software program.The number of different reports that it provides can give the active manager the information needed to maintain optimal inventory levels andto also minimize the cost of purchasing
- A wine and spirits distributor

Over the last four years, utilizing Mars has afforded us the opportunity to customize vendor parameters and ordering criteria to best serve our customers and company goals
- A pet food manufacturer and distributor