A proven, easy to use solution for optimizing inventory levels through intelligent replenishment

Build optimum purchase orders quickly and intelligently for all of your vendors

Take advantage of Marketing insight into upcoming demand

Companies that use NBDS Inventory Replenishment Solutions reduce on-hand inventory by 20-40%


Don't tie up your capital in inventory when you could use it elsewhere!

Mars Inventory Replenishment Planning and Forecasting

Achieve a higher level of profit by reducing overall inventory levels and carrying costs while increasing fill rates through a scientific optimization of the cadence and quantity of inventory ordered

Order the right items, in the right quantity, at the right time. Mars brings Buyers the tools they need to optimze the inventory replenishment ordering process. Forecast thousands of SKUs from all of your vendors while using lead time and order frequency to your advantage.

Venus Forecast Intelligence

Enable your sales and marketing teams to provide realtime product demand feedback to Purchasing based on on planned campaigns and sales plays to optimize product levels

Provide specific feedback from Sales and Marketing to Purchasing to leverage insight into current market conditions that may have a future impact on demand.

Automatically adust forecast for known vendor programs and seasonal demand.